Shephard claimed the SNP had forecast they would have to impose

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best hermes replica handbags The First Minister was appearing on Good Morning Britain when host Ben Shephard read out a quote which he said was from the replica bags party’s Sustainable Growth Commission report.Shephard claimed the SNP had forecast they would have to impose “austerity policies” and “years of tight public spending” if it broke away from the rest of the UK.However, he was quoting from a summary of the Commission Report made by the Institute of Fiscal Studies and not from the report itself.Nicola Sturgeon pulls out BBC event after ‘racist’ Donald Trump strategist Steve Bannon invitedRegulator Ofcom launched an investigation into the broadcast after a viewer complained and have now found that it breached broadcasting guidelines on hermes sandals replica accuracy and impartiality.Sturgeon immediately attempted to correct the error but Ofcom found she hermes birkin bag replica cheap was “dismissed or ignored” by Shephard and his co host Kate Garraway.ITV replica hermes birkin 35 were forced to make an on air apology following the interview on June 8 this year.During the interview, Shephard said to Sturgeon: “This report [the Commission Report] actually says that the loss of money from Westminster, were you to get independence, that is created by the Barnett Formula would mean that the SNP would have to impose austerity policies and recommends years of tight public spending to halve Scotland’s deficit and in order to keep the pound.”She replied: “The report doesn’t say what you’ve just said. The report explicitly rejects austerity, the report recommends that an independent Scotland should have real terms growth in spending rather than the cuts we’ve seen.”At one stage, Shephard waved a piece of paper at the First Minister and claimed he was reading perfect hermes replica directly from the report.In their written ruling, hermes replica Ofcom said: “Mr Shephard was referring to a summary, written by the GMB production team, of a critique of hermes replica birkin the Commission Report produced by the Institute of Financial Studies. We therefore considered the statement was clearly inaccurate.”We recognised that Ms Sturgeon sought to correct the inaccuracy on a number of occasions during the interview best hermes replica handbags.

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