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cheap air jordan Louanne “Lou” Hoover, wife of Herbert Hoover, was the first to give a radio talk in 1929 but she talked about her charitable work, and a president’s wife doing charitable work was considered acceptable. Mrs. Hoover had been a working woman before she became the first lady, but a first lady who also had a career was not acceptable. cheap air jordan

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cheap adidas Aside from the fact that Washingtonian etiquette prescribed the social duties involved in being a First Lady at that time, and the Supreme Court Justices wives retro jordans for sale cheap online took their duties very seriously, many wives of Presidents were not all too happy that their husbands were running for the office. Some wives were very content to stay in their homes, close by to their friends, and they did not wish to pull up stakes for a move to Washington. Take Anna Harrison for example. cheap adidas

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